Roaming Fixed IP SIM in the Teltonika RUT200


Roaming SIM Cards eliminate the need for dual SIM 4G Routers

For many years, 4G router manufacturers included a second SIM card slot to enable the router to failover to a backup SIM card.  With the shift to roaming SIM cards, and roaming Fixed IP SIM cards which can be used in single SIM routers such as the Teltonika RUT200 and the Proroute H685 and H820 and provide access to all four UK mobile networks for network failover the need for dual SIM 4G routers such as the Teltonika RUT901, RUT950, RUT951, RUT906, RUT956 and RUT951.

By using a roaming Fixed IP SIM card in the Teltonika RUT200 you can simplify your installations because you have access to all four UK networks.  You can even perform speed tests within the Teltonika RUTOS (will need the Speed Test module to be loaded to the router) so you can remotely check the speed to help with troubleshooting.  The RUT200 can be configured with Automatic network selection which will just use the network with the strongest signal strength.  Please note that the strongest signal strength does not always mean the fastest connection.  We would recommend manually configuring the RUT200 to connect to each of the four networks and then perform a speed test and work out the best service for your location.  You can then set the RUT200 to use this as the primary connection and will enable the router to failover to one of the other networks in the event that the primary network becomes unavailable.

Ensuring Reliable 4G Internet With the RUT200

The RUT200 is supplied with 2 x Cellular / Mobile antennas that screw onto the router and we always recommend that both of these are connected.  If your router is located in a position with a poor signal, for example inside a metal cabinet and you have a better signal outside of the cabinet or housing then these antennas can be replaced with a variety of outdoor antennas such as the Fullband MIMORAD or FB4GDOME antenna.  If you prefer,  you can use a couple of magnetic mount antennas such as the FB4GMAG7 on top of the metal cabinet.

We recommend that you use a 2×2 MiMO antenna and connect both cables to the RUT200.  If using signal antennas like the magnetic mounted ones or single dipole antennas like the GXS606 then we recommend that two antennas are connected to ensure reliable performance for your 4G internet connection.

You can easily see the benefit of a 4G roaming Fixed IP SIM card with the flexibility it offers when installing on site because of the access to all four UK networks on a single SIM card and also the cost saving by being able to use a compact 4G router like the RUT200 or the Proroute H685.

You can view the range of Teltonika 4G Routers including the RUT200 at the 4G Router Store.


To compliment your M2M installations, Teltonika also manufacture a range of industrial network switches such as the TSW200 8 port unmanaged POE switch.  So if you are installing multiple devices that need POE power then why not include a Teltonika networking switch with your Teltonika 4G router order.

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