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4G Fixed IP SIM Cards

4G Fixed IP SIM Cards

UK Fixed IP SIM Cards are available for EE, O2, Vodafone and 3Mobile networks and provide a Fixed, Public IP address for easy remote access.

4G Fixed IP SIM

Our UK network Fixed IP SIM Cards all have a public IP address which means that you can access your 4G router directly using the public IP.  This means that when using a 4G Router with one of these SIM cards it is the equivalent of a normal wired broadband connection that has a fixed, public IP address ie. an Internet connection with a Public IP address.

This means that it works in the same way as a normal broadband solution so all your devices connected to the router can all be communicated with using port forwarding.

We do not block any ports and you also get access to the SIM Management portal so you can set alerts for example an alert when you have reached 60% and 80% of your monthly included data allowance.