Roaming Fixed IP SIM

Roaming M2M Data SIM Cards

Roaming SIM cards are able to use several different mobile networks to provide the 3G/4g connection.  This can be useful when installing a 4G router in a location where you do not know which network has the best service.  The Roaming SIM card can connect to the network with the strongest signal strength.

When using a Roaming SIM card with the Proroute H685 3G / 4G Router you can also use the H685 Semi-Automatic network selection which will scan all the available networks, confirm they are available and working, obtain the signal strength and then connect to the network with the strongest signal.

We have two services available for Roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards, one with a private IP address so the connection is not available to the public internet, whereby access is granted by creating a VPN from your PC to the Fixed IP SIM network and the second Roaming SIM service is with a Fixed, Public IP address so the router can be contacted directly over the internet.

Roaming Fixed IP SIM with PRIVATE IP

1GB 4G Roaming SIM    – £12.00 per month
3GB 4G Roaming SIM    – £17.00 per month
5GB 4G Roaming SIM    – £24.00 per month
15GB 4G Roaming SIM  – £45.00 per month More Info And Order Form

Roaming Fixed IP SIM with PUBLIC IP Address

500MB Inclusive Data – £11.00 Per Month
1GB Inclusive Data – £16.00 Per Month
2GB Inclusive Data – £22.00 Per Month
5GB Inclusive Data – £29.00 Per Month
10GB Inclusive Data – £52.00 Per Month
20GB inclusive Data – £90.00 Per Month

Overage £14.00 per GB

Aggregation can be applied to all tariffs but we can’t aggregate between tariffs.
eg 10 x 2GB SIM cards = 20GB shared between the 10 SIM cards.

One Public IP address per SIM card included in price.

Prices excl VAT, minimum 24 month contract term.