Unlimited Fixed IP SIM

Unlimited Fixed IP SIM

An Unlimited Fixed IP SIM card is a mobile network data SIM card advertised with unlimited data allowance.  This type of SIM card comes with a fixed IP address (also known as a static IP SIM) which allows remote access to your router.

Whilst this unlimited static IP SIM card is advertised with unlimited data, like most unlimited data plans there is a fair usage policy.  At present we can offer unlimited SIM’s from 3mobile and Vodafone.  The Three data SIM’s have a fair use policy of 500GB per month, but you can buy a bolt-on for an extra 500GB giving a whopping 1TB of mobile data per month with a fixed, public IP address.  The Vodafone Fixed IP SIM has a fair use policy of 650GB but there is no bolt-on data plan for these SIM cards.

Unlimited Data Fixed IP SIM card

Why do you need a Fixed IP SIM Card?

If you need remote access to your router over the Internet then you will need to know the IP address of the WAN port of your router.  A traditional wired broadband line will normally have a fixed, public IP address which means it is easy to remotely connect to your router and use port forwarding to connect to the devices on the LAN.

Most normal data SIM cards obtained directly from the mobile network will have a private IP address which means you will not be able to connect to your router.  This is why specialist SIM providers offer Fixed IP SIM Cards / Static IP SIM Cards.  These will provide a fixed IP address that can be connected to either directly from the Internet (Public Fixed IP) or the user can creat a VPN from their PC to the SIM provider and connect to the SIM card/router via the VPN (Private Fixed IP SIM) and this method means that the IP address and therefore the router cannot be communicated with directly via the Internet thus providing a more secure method for remote access.