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5G Fixed IP SIM Card

5G Fixed IP SIM Cards

When using a 5G Router for remote access and monitoring, for example when you need to have a high speed connection for large amounts of data then you might want to use a 5G Fixed IP SIM card to provide the 5G connection with a fixed, public IP address so that you can remotely access the router and connected devices.  Using a standard 5G Mobile Broadband Data SIM Card will give you a high speed 5G INternet connection, but the IP address will be private. This private IP address on a standard 5G data SIM card will mean that you cannot remotely connect to the router, nor can you use DDNS / DynDNS services as this will just report back the public IP address belonging to the mobile network, which you 5G router is connected behind with a private IP address so you will not be able to access your 5G router remotely which means that router services such as port forwarding will not work.

This is why, if you need remote access to your 5G router then you will need a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card with a fixed, public IP address which will provide your 5G router with a public IP address so you can remotely connect to it and use all the router features such as port forwarding.