Huawei 5G Router H112-372 CPE Pro 5G

Huawei H112-372-5G-Router

Huawei 5G Router – H112-372 5G CPE PRO Router

Huawei 5G Router H112-372

The Huawei H112-372 5G CPE Pro 5G Router has an embedded, high speed 5G modem which when used with a 5G SIM Card and connected to a high speed 5G mobile broadband Internet service will provide a high speed 5G Internet service that can be shared between several PC’s, laptops and smartphones connected to the router via high speed Gigabit Ethernet ports of wirelessly via high speed 802.11AC WiFi.

This super fas 5G router provides an exceptional 5G Internet service and the high speed LAN connectuions ensure that the connected devices can enjoy the high speed Internet service using their 5G SIM Card for connection to the 5G mobile broadband service.

Of course, like any 4G or 5G device, the download and upload speeds will depend upon the choice of 5G service provider, the distance to the base station, network throttling and / or network congestion at peak times.

We recommend using the Huawei H112-372 5G router for your office where you need to use the mobile broadband service instead of a wired ADSL broadband service.