4G Signal Tester

CS2389 3G / 4G Signal Tester

If you intend to use a Fixed IP SIM Card in a particular geographical location then it is handy to know which mobile networks are available so you can choose the correct 4G mobile network SIM Card.

You could just check with your phone, for example if you use EE and you get 3 or 4 bars of signal strength where you intend to install your 4G router then that will indicate that you can use an EE Fixed IP SIM card.  if the signal for EE is poor indoors (maybe 1 bar), but the EE signal is much better outdoors (maybe 3 or 4 bars) then you could install an outdoor 4G Antenna and deliver this stronger outdoor signal to the router.

However, ins cases where the EE signal is poor, in this scenario you would then need to have available to you different SIM cards from the other mobile networks to test for the best 4G mobile signal and then it starts to get complicated.

The CS2389 handheld 4G Signal Tester will scan all the available 3G and 4G networks in the device location and present the list of available networks and signal strengths on the colour display and this information can also be downloaded to your PC via the USB connection.

So, with a single button press for a quick scan, the CS2389 signal analyser will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your choice of mobile network for your Fixed IP SIM Card.


CS2389 CS2389 4G Signal Tester CS2389 4G Signal Analyser