4G CCTV Solution

4G CCTV Solution

If you need to connect to your CCTV installation over the 4G network, maybe because there is no wired broadband service available, or maybe the customer does not want to provide access to third parties to their Local Area Network then you can consider the option of remote access to your CCTV NVR and cameras using a 4G router and Fixed IP SIM Card.

Once your have your 4G router and Fixed IP SIM card it is just like having a normal wired internet connection with a fixed, public IP address.  You can remotely access your 4G router over the internet because it has a fixed, public IP address and this means you can just configure port forwarding to your NVR or cameras in the normal way.  It really is that easy.

4G CCTV Solution
  1. Buy a 4G Router 
  2. Decide which mobile network and inclusive data plan you need and call us up and provide your company name, contact name, telephone number and email address and we will send you a contract and direct debit to complete and return – typical lead time is 2-3 working days for you to receive the SIM card AFTER you have emailed back the completed contract
  3. Once you have your SIM card and 4G router then follow our installation guide below and within a few minutes you will have full remote access to your CCTV NVR and IP cameras from anywhere on the internet.


If you need a high speed Mobile Broadband Internet service for a 5G CCTV Internet service then you can use a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card in a 5G Router and this will upgrade your 4G CCTV service.